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Devin Wesley 

Renaissance, 2023

Oil and Reflective Mirror on Canvas 

30 x 40 inches 



‘Renaissance’ is the purest embodiment of Joy. This specific joy is felt after overcoming deep adversity and freeing yourself from the confines of your own mind. Black people have faced countless oppression throughout history and this piece represents the innate human right to freedom and peace. The earrings worn by the subject are in fact a reflective mirror that allows the viewer to observe that personal reaction to Black joy.


About Devin Wesley
Devin Wesley is a figurative artist based in Los Angeles. After a remarkable twelve-year career in track and field, Devin made the decision to retire from athletics and follow his true passion: art. Devin’s work masterfully captures the divine essence of Black individuals, shining a light on the expansive spectrum of their emotional and spiritual depth. By employing monochrome techniques to highlight the interplay of light and dark, Devin aims to symbolize life’s inherent duality. Growing up in a predominantly white community and maneuvering the heteronormative athletic world, Devin experienced a notable absence of Black culture and expression, which posed challenges to his journey of self-discovery as a Black queer man. Drawing from these hurdles, Devin is dedicated to broadening representation by amplifying narratives rarely portrayed in mainstream media. Through his art, he delves into contemporary truths such as mental health, self-love, and the journey of healing from trauma, prompting viewers to reflect on their own biases, perspectives, and beliefs.

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