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The Makings of Joy No. 9

The Makings of Joy No. 9


Jerekre Okoriogha, Oto Abasi Attah

The Makings of Joy No. 9

Acrylic, Glass, Ethanol, Aroma Chemicals,
A Great Big Expression of Happiness

2.37 x 3.15 inches


Head Notes of Spiced Cherry.

Heart Notes of Honeysuckle, Rose Absolute.

Base Notes of Amber, Vanilla.


About Jerekre Okoriogha

(b. Los Angeles, CA)
Jerekre Okoriogha is a first-generation Nigerian-American born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has a background in Fashion Design with a degree (Associate of Arts, Certificate) from Los Angeles Trade Technical College. His works lean toward the complex nature of simplicity, minimalism, and the study of an object’s character through its changes from textile to garment. He has a goal of understanding the trial and error method and allowing the purity of experimentation and play to dictate the outcome of any project. The love he has for fashion design has stimulated a later appreciation for fragrance design yearning to drape the air with comfort, pleasure and/or nostalgia. Embracing the fine art of fragrance, he is tasked with the privilege of painting a picture for the mind’s eye. Fueling the imagination through scent to show beauty in all its forms.


About Oto-Abasi Attah

(b. Inglewood, CA)
Oto-Abasi Attah is a visual storyteller from Inglewood, CA. The stories he tells are those of his people. By depicting the polarities of life, he sheds a light on the balance between contrast. He strives to honor the past that led us to our current state of being, while offering a space to dream of a world where we can all just be. He achieves this by using a disposition similar to a child, always asking questions and never satisfied.

He implores that we all learn from the greatest teacher, nature. Nature is always learning and one with its surroundings trying to balance itself. His work is fueled by the lack of appetite for learning, a burning desire for his people to see and be seen and our stories heard, with a gaze fixated on a liberated future. His work offers a space for people to reflect on the chaos of their daily lives and find a moment of peace. He hopes that these same values of nuance are seen and can bring harmony.

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