A vision for the future.


The arts are constantly in danger. And yet here, within the spirited halls of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, the arts thrive. Children dance. Performers grow. DADA has a powerful impact on dancers from young to old, locally and around the world — regardless of their ability to pay tuition or purchase pointe shoes.


Now, it is time for DADA to have a permanent home.


The Rhimes Center for Performing Arts has been designed to reflect, inspire, and nurture the passion and dedication of Ms. Allen, DADA instructors, and the students they work so hard to train. With a global reach, this state of the art center will provide spacious studios that will enhance the diverse program (dance, lighting, music, playwriting, acting, hair, and makeup) and encourage more community participation.

The Rhimes Center for Performing Arts was designed by Gensler to embody the power of the arts – structure and discipline, confidence and grace.

The design of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy location will inspire the dance and performing arts community in Los Angeles and abroad. 

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